Freitag, 2. März 2012

JSTL problem with tomcat 6

Tomcat 6 implements JSP 2.1.
The TLD file is included in the jar files of JSTL 1.2 implementations. The jar files are available in

Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

high CPU usage of nepomuk

partly solved the problem by modifying ~/.kde/share/config/nepomukserverrc

[main Settings]
Storage Dir[$e]=$HOME/.kde/share/apps/nepomuk/repository/main/
Used Soprano Backend=virtuosobackend



[Basic Settings]
Configured repositories=main
Start Nepomuk=false

Sonntag, 25. Dezember 2011

add EMF update website
choose 2.5 for eclipse 3.5

Follow the instruction of UIMA
cp apps/apache-uima/

xml editor

Copy home directory to a new machine

1. create a new partition /dev/sda3 for the new home directory
2. mount /dev/sda3 to /local/home/user_name
3. copy files to the new home directory
find . -depth -print0 | cpio --null --sparse -pvd /mnt/newhome/
4. add a new user by using adduser
5. chown -R user_name:users
6. add the mount to fstab see

Dienstag, 22. Juli 2008

Recursive deleting files or directories using bash

A direct and simple method to delete files or directories in bash is to use find. Here is an example to recursively delete all .svn directories under the current directory.
find -name '*.svn' -print | xargs rm -rf

Samstag, 12. Juli 2008

History of the tour de france

This is a summary of an article from the time magazine.

The tour de France is one of the most grueling test of human endurance. It kicks off July 5 and is stretched over 21 stages within three weeks.

The race was the brainchild of Henri Desgrange, a Parisian magazine editor who wanted to boost circulation on 1903. The popularity of the race grew fast and the competition turned also fiercer. The adoption of drugs were an effective performance booster until the death of British rider Tom Simpson after taking amphetamines, which prompted the event to adopt drug-testing. This became since then another highlight of the race.

Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2008

Change database directory of mysql

For me it is easier that the default database directory is not /var/lib/mysql/ but rather in home partition. A solution is given here To notice that, the default configration file is /etc/mysql/my.cnf. On ubuntu 7.10, things are little different, so I have taken the following steps:
  1. mysqladmin -u root -p shutdown
  2. change datadir = ${datadir} in my.conf
  3. ugly setting set chmod -R a+x ${datadir}
  4. sudo mysqld_safe &